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Fluid Edge Themes


Aerospace UI/UX Design such as Service Center Application for Rolls-Royce, integrating complex aerospace business models with business aviation user needs.

Service UX

UX Design concepts based on user insights & behavior, driven by objective and in-depth value stream, business model and market assessment knowledge & insights.


Portal UX

Placing the Customer at the center of the design process & creating relevant end-user oriented Customer Portal concepts designed to work with complex end-user & business needs.


Insights UX

Combining aerospace knowledge with UX design principles to create a 'Technical Insight' concept for Jet Engine OEM as part of their 'IntelligentEngine' vision.


Flight Data

Research and Design of Flight Profile Monitoring application to absorb and display flight data to aerospace customers, and enable users to experience, analyse & respond.


GAA County

Applying UX Design thinking to online sporting solutions - Combining graphics skills with user and market insights to customise web solutions for Sporting and related sectors.

Match Day

Creating match day solutions to capture the experience & community spirit of County Final day and inform thousands of match goers on the most important day in the local Gaelic Games calendar.


Sharing lessons from Seven Summits expeditions on how adventure shapes & inspires. Drawing on experiences from Everest, Alps, Denali, Antarctica & Aconcagua and working with schools to inspire adventure early & often.

7 Summits

Creating new experiences through the Seven Summits challenge - climbing the highest peaks on all seven continents. Click for more details on my ongoing attempt to complete all seven mountains.