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Digital UX Design

We often over-complicate business models and processes and lose sales and employees through a lack of clarity in vision and purpose. Seven Summit Solutions works with businesses to use deep aerospace domain knowledge to convert the complex into the simple by placing the end user at the centre of all designs. Combining customer, business and technical experience with creative design to help forge clarity and vision.

  • User Persona Assessments
  • Business Goal vs User Goal
  • Prototyping & Sketching Options
  • Involving the end users in the design process
  • Designing Interfaces for Applications & Websites

Applying 15 years of aerospace experience in some of the biggest projects on the planet, along with some of the most complex organisational and technological challenges to help improve and simplify your business experience and transform the culture of your organisation in the process.

Sport Services

Building on years of experience with Gaelic Games in Ireland, Seven Summits offers visual services to help promote, celebrate and document your sporting events.

Services include the following…

  • Match Programme Design
  • Sports Website Development
  • Social Media Adverts
  • Posters/Flyers

Bringing experience, passion and vision together to produce elegant and professional sporting visuals.

Our resume boasts Longford GAA match programmes, Queens University Award Certificates and a host of graphics, posters and flyers. Awards include the GAA’s McNamee Award for ‘Best Website’ in 2013 and the Leinster GAA ‘Best Website’ award in 2014 for design and development of the best Club GAA website in Ireland.

Speaking Services

Learning unique lessons from a decade of high altitude mountaineering including the Seven Summits challenge – climbing the highest peaks on all seven continents. I have completed six of the Seven Summits and hiked and climbed from Tanzania to Russia to Alaska to Argentina to Nepal and even in the wilds of Antarctica. I was lucky enough to have stood on the highest peak in Antarctica, seen the Andes from its summit peak, peered down across the arctic from the top of Denali and also been involved in some terrifying and emotional experiences – not least the two worst disasters in the history of Mt. Everest in 2014 and 2015.

I speak about my own unique and scientific preparation for expeditions in some of the most difficult conditions on Earth, including the mental preparation required.

The experiences on Mt. Everest in particular, range from dealing with personal fear, to working with others towards a common yet individual goal, and managing the media interest and criticism which comes with being a 21st century high altitude mountaineer.

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