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Seven Summits Solutions is a freelance design agency combining 15 years of aerospace and adventure leadership experiences with in-depth user and market knowledge to create unique & carefully researched design concepts and digital solutions to convert complex business models into simple and intuitive user-oriented products & experiences, to improve & optimise business and market needs.

Understanding end-users and their environment is central to the creation of meaningful products. We design with and for the end-user, using persona knowledge and in-depth market insights to produce concepts which challenge and transform the Client-Customer relationship.


Design products from the perspective of the end-user. The focus is on enhancing the experience people have while interacting with products, and making sure they find value in the user experience. While you cannot design experiences, you can design for them. In that regard, designing for users is a commitment to building products with the customer in mind, and objectively assessing the goals and traits of both the client and the end-user. To truly create products which will excite and impress your customers, you must start with the end-users and work backwards to the technology and processes.

UX Design

Seven Summits Solutions works with businesses to apply domain knowledge in order to convert complex business arrangements into simple user-friendly product designs by placing the end-user at the center of all designs from the start. Combining customer, business and technical experience with creative design to forge clarity and elegance in all of our designs, our process includes…

  • User Persona assessment
  • Business vs User Goal assessment
  • Prototyping and Sketching
  • Creating UI and UX Designs
  • Assisting development teams

Designer Role

The UX designer sits between the client and the developer imagining and creating a vision for the product to achieve Client goals, User goals and ensure that the product design is intuitive and user friendly to support lean service delivery. UX Design should be carried out with minimal technical constraint, and in an objective and neutral space where the designer can engage the Client and the market to determine User Persona’s, Market Needs and Business Goals. The UX Designer will brief the finalised design and associated User Story to developers who will realise the vision into a working product.


  • 2019: Business Aviation ‘ASC Application’ product completes.
  • 2016: Business Aviation ‘ASC Application’ product launches.
  • 2015: World Explorers Bureau ‘Humanitarian Award’ 2015.
  • 2014: Best Website award from Leinster GAA.
  • 2013: Best Website award from Gaelic Athletic Association.
  • 2012: Rolls-Royce CEO Quality Award – B717 ‘Get Well’ Project.
  • 2008: Authored ‘Powering the Whispering Giant’ at Rolls-Royce.
  • 2008: Rolls-Royce CEO Award for Entry into Service of A380.
  • 2007: Performance award for Entry into Service of  Trent 900.
  • 2002: R-R Regional winner & Chairman’s Award finalist.